Aims and Objectives of ARCHTI

  • To act as an umbrella association representing our Registered Members and their Therapies in order to promote better awareness of Complementary Health Medicine among the general public as well as the medical profession and other health care professionals.
  • To help maintain a Register of suitably qualified practitioners of Complementary Health Medicine.
  • To help promote the self-regulation and improvement of standards of practice and ethics in Complementary Health Medicine in Ireland.
  • To create an awareness among our Members of each other’s Therapy and realise that there are many forms of help available to their clients apart from their own chosen field.
  • To liaise with other Associations and Organisations who have similar aims and objectives as our own in order to learn and develop our own Association.
  • To keep abreast of legislation governing Complementary Health Medicine in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide.
  • To watch closely the Irish and European Governmental legislation in relation to Complementary Health Medicine paying particular attention to the areas of regulation and/or control of this area of medicine.
  • To ensure our Registered Members can avail of reasonably priced insurance cover for their practice to ensure that their clients are adequately protected against accident, injury and malpractice.
  • To promote that people helping people is what Complementary Health Medicine in Ireland is all about and that this Association and its Officers and Members will work with each other and with like-minded Therapists in order to achieve these Aims and Objectives.