How ARCHTI Was Founded

Back in 1998 there were quite a number of Therapists scattered around the country each doing their own thing. Many of these Therapists did not know each other and neither did they know or understand many of the other therapies apart from their own. Often, they did not know to whom they could refer a client if their own form of therapy was not suitable. Our Chairman, John Kelly, of Appleby Hypnotherapy Clinic had met many of these Therapists and they had often said to him that it would be lovely to have an opportunity to meet other Therapists and exchange views in a social environment. John organised informal get-together’s which were extremely popular but it soon became apparent that therapies needed regulation and should be put on a professional footing.

There was a core group of Therapists committed to forming the Association and in 1999 at one of these meetings a motion was adopted that a fully recognised Association should be formed and that strict rules for membership should be enforced and these should include qualifications from a recognised training source as well as producing a certificate of current insurance and so the Association was founded.

The following are our Founder Members:
JOHN J. KELLY, (Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist),(RIP),
NIKK GEORGE, (Aromatherapist/Massage/Sports Therapist),
ENA DUNNE, (Registered Nurse/Aromatherapist/Reflexologist),
MARK PORTER (Registered Nurse/Osteopath),
NELLIE FOLEY (Bio-Energy/Primary Movement), (RIP).