Therapy Description

Breathwork is a personal growth and self healing technique developed in the United States in the mid 70s and now practised in many countries around the world. Because breathing happens automatically in the body it is often taken for granted. In effect breathing is the most important thing we do and while we can live without food for many weeks emotional or spiritual limitations that may have held us back for many years or perhaps all our lives. The way we breathe reveals a lot about our general outlook on life. How much and how freely we breathe reflects how willing we are to face up to the life which is taking place around us. How we exhale shows how willing we are to trust what happens to us and go with the flow of life. The rise in scientifically based medicine saw the virtual suppression of ancient healing wisdom in the early 20th century. Breathwork has the ability to bridge the gap between east and west between science and holistic medicine and the ancient and modern cultures. It gives us the opportunity to truly resolve outstanding issues and empower ourselves now in a practical way by taking responsibility for our own healing and the power of our own breath. The International Breathwork Training Alliance Click here for more information “