Therapy Description

COLON HYDROTHERAPY: (also known as COLONIC IRRIGATION) is an internal bath mucosal deposits and faecal matter. The whole colon can be treated and the water is not retained. Problems treated: : constipation : irritable bowel : flatulence and bloating : candida : fatigue and lethargy. What does the treatment involve ? A Colonic therapist will guide water at a regulated temperature under very low pressure into the rectum. It is massaged around the whole structure of the colon. The water is then held in the rectum for a few minutes and the waste matter is piped away with the water. Here is how the Association & Register of Colon Hydrotherapists in the UK describe COLONIC TREATMENT Colonic Treatment is a treatment to aid the evacuation of waste from the large bowel and to exercise the bowel muscle.Colonic irrigation is now carried out sympathetically by well-trained complementary therapists who also advise on nutrition where appropriate. Colonic treatment used as a naturopathic modality is particular of value in treating: Accompanied by diet colonic treatment can assist body detoxification. With colonic irrigation many secondary conditions accompanied by poor bowel mechanics can also be aided especially those affecting the other eliminative organs – skin urinary tract and lungs. Primary bowel conditions of IBS where spasm and colic may be relieved constipation where impactions may be expelled and the bowel muscle exercised by water temperature variation and diverticulosis where regular elimination is important. Colonic treatment benefits can often be quickly observed in the form of improved bowel function together with clearer skin more mental clarity and fewer headaches. Circulatory immune and weight problems often also improve with colonic treatment”