Therapy Description

in 2002. It provides a subtle yet powerful massage experience that not only relaxes the recipient to a deep core level but also provides healing on all of the holistic levels. Daoyin Tao is a uniquely harmonious synergistic blend of ancient Chinese and modern Western massage techniques. A carefully selected blend of pure essential oils may be used to enhance the overall benefit of Daoyin Tao however this is purely optional and does not form the main therapeutic benefit available. Daoyin Tao was originated by Anna-Louise Haigh after many years as a Clinical Aromatherapy & Reflexology Practitioner combined with much travel and study in China. The techniques are drawn and adapted from those used everyday in clinics and hospitals in China and the Far East and thus Daoyin Tao is not simply a face massage. Equally it is not comparable to other popular therapies focusing on this area of the body. Instead because its foundations lie in a traditional Chinese medical form of treatment Daoyin Tao encourages healing through both the physical and energy levels. To date many sufferers of common ailments requiring pain relief decongestion deep relaxation revitalisation and rejuvenating have reported lasting results within a few treatments. Although reliable results can be easily achieved with this half hour treatment Daoyin Tao can be combined with other treatments to form an hours session or longer thus making it very versatile and adaptable to individual client needs. Due to the far reaching healing effects of the various techniques developed for Daoyin Tao recipients have even experienced improvement with digestion circulation and back problems. All of these benefits and more are regularly being achieved despite the fact that only the face neck shoulders and scalp (optional) are treated. With few contra-indications Daoyin Tao has a great deal to offer and with the added bonus of a self-help component for increased health enhancement the applications are wide varying and highly beneficial.”