Therapy Description

Ki Massage is a Holistic Therapy due to it’s remarkable effectiveness in maintaining and helping to restore good health and well-being. Experience has shown us that the build up of negative stress and tension aching muscles ) but to free out our energy which is vital for good physical and mental health. After a treatment the body feels lighter much more relaxed and revitalised. This in turn allows the mind to calm thinking becomes clearer and concentration improves. Ki Massage is a hands on firm but gentle massage. The Therapist uses the flow of positive energy to combat the negative energies in the client. This dissolves any blockages which cause problems – thereby restoring that “Full – Of – Life” feeling that has probably not been felt since childhood Treatments: Neck and Shoulder Tension |Aching Muscles |Back Pain |Fatigue Stress Toxins |Arthritis |Insomnia |Migraine |Indigestion |Cellulite |Improve Circulation Tones Muscles |Stimulates and improves concentration and energy levels.”