Therapy Description

What is VRT – what can you expect from a Vertical Reflexology treatment? VRT was developed over 20 years ago in the 1980s in the UK by Lynne Booth. It is an acclaimed award-winning development that is applied to the weight-bearing feet (i.e. standing) or hands (leaning on a table) for only 10 minutes before a conventional Reflexology treatment (as usual from young babies to older and infirm persons and is used to support everyone from professional sports persons to end of life care situations. A VRT trained Reflexologist will work on your weight-bearing (see above) feet or hands for a few minutes per treatment to accelerate the healing processes in conjunction with Reflexology treatments. The client then lies on a couch and relaxes for their classical Reflexology session which may also incorporate techniques from VRT. VRT can be effective in treating disabled clients especially those in wheelchairs when it can be impossible to work the reflexes on the soles of the feet. Also useful in office situations an on-the-spot VRT treatment for 10 minutes stimulates well-being and can bring positive changes in conditions without the longer session on a couch and the profound relaxation which that can bring about so it is easier for the client to get back to work in a fit & timely manner.”