When you accept our offer of Membership and pay the annual membership fee you will be given a Registered Membership Number.
This number will then be put on the insurance application forms which you will send to Balens Insurance.

In addition, you will need to attach copies of your qualifications to these insurance forms for the therapies accepted by ARCHTI and also send the appropriate premium payment for your therapies.

All the necessary forms are in our Information Pack or can be downloaded


Each part of the process is explained to you as your application progresses.

Our “insurance year” runs from the 17th of February every year until the 16th February the following year and the annual premium for standard therapies is shown on the forms provided with these links:
Download Insurance information for Rep.of Ireland. The premium for standard therapies for the year is 90euro.

For Nth.Ireland the insurance year is the same.

Download Insurance information for Nth. Ireland.
The premium for standard therapies for the year is equivalent of €90 in sterling.

Student Insurance for Case Studies for the same period for standard therapies is 30euro in Sth. Ireland and €30 in sterling in Nth. Ireland. The same forms are used as for full cover.