You are required to complete an Application Form and provide a copy of each of your qualifications, and current insurance policy (if any) and pay an application fee .
However, if you are applying to us for insurance you will be able to do so when your application has been accepted.

The application fee is €15 for a maximum of 3 therapies requested for registration.
Additional therapies cost €5 each and the total amount must be paid for at the time of application.

The application fee is non-refundable as it goes towards the cost of processing your application.

When we receive your application it will be acknowledged and a receipt for your payment will be sent to you.

When your therapies have been accepted for registration we will notify you and offer you Membership of ARCHTI.

The annual membership fee is €80 and is renewed each year on the 16th February. When you join during the year a sliding scale of quarterly charges apply.

Want to join? You can choose to apply online or download a form, complete and post it to us